About Calhoun County EMA

Protecting the Citizens of Calhoun County

The Calhoun County EMA is a department of the Calhoun County Commission and works closely with local leaders and elected officials to coordinate a comprehensive emergency management program.

It is the goal of the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) to protect the health, safety, and economic interests of the residents of Calhoun County, Alabama by working to reduce the impacts of natural and man-made hazards. The EMA is the agency responsible for coordinating with state and federal agencies to assure the citizens of Calhoun County are prepared and accommodated before, during, and after a disaster strikes. We are also here to assist local organizations with disaster preparedness capabilities, emergency planning, and training.

The Calhoun County EMA works towards our goal of protecting our residents through hazard mitigation and preparedness projects as well as response and recovery efforts.  Our preparedness program is focused on educating the citizens of Calhoun County about the many hazards they may face, both natural and man-made. Our public outreach program includes preparedness presentations to the public, community groups, and businesses. The goal of this program is to stress the importance of individual preparedness.

When a large emergency or disaster occurs, the Calhoun County EMA is ready to respond. Our agency hosts an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which serves as the coordination hub for the response efforts throught the county and its municipalities. During a disaster response, the EOC is activated and the EMA coordinates the work of first responders, volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, and other agencies. Even while a disaster is ongoing, the Calhoun County EMA works with citizens and businesses to begin the recovery effort. For any presidentially declared disaster, the Calhoun County EMA organizes and assists citizens in locating the appropriate state and federal assistance.

The Calhoun County EMA is here to serve you!

What does the EMA do?

We provide information and resources to protect lives and property during a disaster. When first responders need extra help in an emergency, they call EMA—similar to how citizens call 9-1-1 when they have an emergency. We do outreach and training by working with the media and using social media to help the public prepare for emergencies. During an emergency, we notify the public by using outdoor warning sirens, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), and by working with news media and social media.

We develop emergency plans to help the whole community prepare for and respond to disasters. We recruit volunteers and provide training to help local groups like churches and disaster relief organizations work together with first responders. We work with FEMA and Homeland Security to make sure local responders have access to the best training available. We put together emergency drills and exercises so that local agencies can test their emergency plans.

In an emergency, we are the link between the county, the state, and FEMA. We work with partners like the National Weather Service to keep the community informed about hazards, how to prepare for them, and what actions to take during an emergency. We help local organizations access resources from outside the county through mutual aid agreements and the Alabama EMA. After a disaster, we work with FEMA to survey damage and help affected local residents access disaster assistance.