Calhoun County

Safe Reopening and Short Term Recovery Advisory Council

Advisory Council Mission: 

To promote best practices and provide access to resources for the safe reopening and short term recovery of Calhoun County.   

Advisory Council Priorities:

  • Information Sharing to enable our citizenry to be better informed and responsible individuals;

  • Organizational Readiness through comprehensive preparedness and mitigation activities; and,

  • Robust Testing & Tracing capacity for COVID-19 to identify the problem in our community and isolate it as we move through the end of response into short-term recovery.


Advisory Council Members

Members of the Advisory Council are stakeholders from various sectors of the community such as:

  • Business

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Economic Development Council

  • Local Government

  • K12 Education

  • Education Higher Education

  • Military/Federal Government

  • Judicial System

  • Senior Adults

  • Religious

Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Office Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm

Office: 256-435-0540 | Fax: 256-435-0558

Address: 507 Francis St. W. Jacksonville, AL 36265

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