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Calhoun County COVID-19 Update, Wednesday Aug. 5th

Currently in Calhoun County:

- 1,627 total cases

Cumulative cases since March

- 748 new cases in the past 14 days

This is a moving total and represents all the new cases reported to ADPH in the past 14 days.

- 18% Positivity rate

This percentage is the number of positive cases divided by the number of total tested in the last 14 days.

- 59 current COVID-19 hospitalizations

This number is the most up-to-date number of COVID-19 positive patients currently in the hospital. This does not represent the total number of COVID-19 positive hospitalizations over


- 13 confirmed deaths

This is the cumulative number of deaths investigated and confirmed by ADPH.

If you need to inquire information about COVID-19 in Calhoun County, please call 211.

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