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Calhoun County’s new emergency alert mass notification system, Calhoun Alerts, was fully deployed during the severe weather event, yesterday, Easter Sunday, April 12. This full utilization of the notification system is the result of the multi-county partnership accepted by the County Commission in December 2019 with Everbridge Safeware.

The old notification system, Nixle, only allowed text message alerts. The new system incorporates additional features such as text, email, phone call, and social media messaging. Residents and businesses who have a published landline phone in the white pages automatically receive an emergency phone call for the most severe threats including; tornado warnings, tornado watches, severe thunderstorm warnings, severe thunderstorm watches, and flash flood warnings.

Individuals can choose to sign up and select different preferences to receive other alerts through cell phone, text messaging, and email. To subscribe, users can go to: and click on the link at the top of the home page that states, “Click Here To Sign Up for Emergency Alerts”.

Many other notifications can be sent through the system, such as hazardous materials incidents, active shooter threats, road closures, and other important messages the community needs to be alerted too. An example of useful features available through Calhoun Alerts is the current CALCOVID updates where over five-thousand individuals have subscribed since March 26.

“This is a great tool to help the citizens of Calhoun County to receive important and timely emergency alerts to protect themselves from the many hazards we may face,” said Michael Barton, Director of Emergency Management.

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