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Severe Weather Threat - March 17

Updated: Mar 17, 2021


MODERATE risk for Wednesday afternoon throughout the night into early Thursday morning for Calhoun County. The time frames are long due to possibly having multiple rounds of storms. The strongest round of storms will most likely be during the evening/night according to NWS.

Understand that all of Central Alabama should take this storm system seriously and have your emergency plan ready! Have 3 ways to receive emergency alerts and have you disaster kit ready.

A few terms to know: WATCH vs WARNING

A tornado WATCH is issued by the NWS when the environment is prime for tornadic activity. This does not mean there is a tornado yet, BUT you should get ready to go to your safe place or if you have to drive to it, head there at this time.

A tornado WARNING is issued when there is an imminent threat of a tornado. You need to take shelter immediately. Do not wait until a tornado warning to head to the nearest storm shelter; you should go to a storm shelter during the watch.

For Tornado Shelters:

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