Next LEPC Meeting
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Date: Tuesday, December 10th @ 2 PM
Dial-in No: (888) 291-0079
Conf. Code: 7349212 #

Calhoun County Local Emergency Planning Committee

How does the community plan for hazardous materials emergencies?


Calhoun County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a comprised of first responders, elected officials, concerned citizens, and industry representatives. The LEPC works to understand chemical hazards in our community and to prevent chemical accidents through education and planning. The LEPC helps create the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the county. The LEPC meets quarterly to plan ways to better respond to a chemical accident.  The LEPC also provides a forum to address other general issues related to emergency management in our community.


Any facility or business who uses, stores, manufactures, or transports one or more of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) designated Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) in amounts exceeding the Threshold Planning Quantity established by EPA, must report specific chemical inventory information to the State of Alabama, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and the Fire Department whose jurisdiction the facility is located. Also, they must submit an emergency plan which details the procedures they are to take in the event that the chemicals present at their facility is released into the environment. The Calhoun County EMA is the repository for these documents for the LEPC.


If you have questions about hazardous chemicals or would like more information about the LEPC, contact the Calhoun County EMA at (256) 435-0540.


How can industries submit EHS (302), Tier ll, and other reports about hazardous materials?

Industries regulated under the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), SARA Title III, may submit Tier II reports using the E-Plan system by visiting this link (E-Plan charges a fee for this service): www.erplan.net


For information from the Alabama Emergency Response Commission (AERC / SERC) on Alabama's submittal guidelines for EHS (302) and other requirements, visit their website at the Alabama Department of Enivronmental Management (ADEM) webpage: http://www.adem.state.al.us/moreInfo/saraIII.cnt

To submit information via email to the Calhoun County EMA, Contact Us.