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Tornado Safety

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A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service when conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes.


The watch is intended to give you time to review your safety rules. 


Watches may last for several hours. 

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A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when a tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather radar, meaning a tornado is occurring or expected soon. 

TAKE ACTION because there is imminent danger to life and property. Immediately seek refuge.


Have at least 3 ways you can be alerted

Having multiple ways to receive emergency alerts will help make sure you are always informed and ready to respond.

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Seek shelter immediately when a tornado warning is issued.


If you hear an outdoor siren going off, it means that that area is under a tornado warning and you need to find shelter immediately.

Do you know what to do during a tornado warning?





Get Inside

A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when a developing tornado has been detected by radar or has been reported on the ground by reliable sources. 

Get Low

Get as low to the ground as possible.  If you can, get below ground, in a cellar, basement, or storm shelter.  Never use the crawlspace under your home for shelter--the house can collapse on top of you!  If outside, with no other shelter available, you can go into a ditch, but be aware of possible flooding.

Get Covered

Cover your head using a football or bicycle helmet, pillows, and blankets.  This is important.  Head wounds are a leading cause of tornado-related injuries.

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