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Safer Places Initiative

The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) of Calhoun County is implementing a county wide initiative called Safer Places.  The purpose of Safer Places is for willing organizations to make pre-designated facilities available to the public during times of severe weather, including high wind, tornadoes, and periods of extreme heat or cold, as needed. 

The initiative is an alternative during hazardous weather for organizations in the community to provide safer shelter for citizens to seek refuge in a safer place than a motor vehicle, manufactured home, or other type of lightly constructed structure.   

The framework of recommendations for a Safer Place to meet include: 

1) Availability of personnel to be responsible for opening and staffing the Safer Place 

2)  Accessibility for the public, including vehicle parking and handicap entrance

3)   Architecturally sturdy and substantial structure, preferably with a basement or interior walls away from windows and doors.  

Organizations and facilities in Calhoun County interested in learning more about becoming a part of the Safer Place initiative can click the button below to register or for more information can call the Emergency Management Agency at: 256-435-0540.  

Click the button below if you are interested in being a Safer Place partner
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