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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Stay Informed and Get Your Information from Reliable and Credible Sources:

Follow Calhoun County EMA website and social media pages for updates specifically for Calhoun County:

Calhoun County, Alabama - People in Calhoun County can now sign up to receive text alerts for local updates on the COVID-19 situation. By simply texting the word: CALCOVID, to the number: 888-777, users can subscribe to receive current situation updates concerning the coronavirus pandemic in Calhoun County.

Director of Emergency Management, Michael Barton, states, “reliable and timely information is critical to protecting yourself and your loved ones. CALCOVID is a good way individuals in Calhoun County can get the most current coronavirus information at the local level. It is important that we are all prepared, but not scared. Being a CALCOVID subscriber is a great way for people in Calhoun County to have trusted information and to help them sort facts from fear.”

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