Governor Ivey Announces Amendment to Safer At Home Order

NOW THEREFORE, THESE PREMISES CONSIDERED, it is ordered that the following Safer at Home order be implemented statewide:

1. Recommendations for individuals. Effective April 30, 2020, at 5:00 P.M., all individuals—and especially vulnerable persons—are encouraged to exercise personal responsibility in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by:

a. Minimizing travel outside the home, especially if sick;

b. Wearing face coverings around people from other households when it is necessary to leave the home;

c. Washing hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items or surfaces;

d. Refraining from touching one’s face;

e. Sneezing or coughing into a tissue, or the inside of one’s elbow; and

f. Disinfecting frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.

“Vulnerable persons” means individuals 65 years and older or individuals with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy.

2. Quarantine for infected persons. Effective immediately, any person who has tested positive for COVID-19—other than institutionalized persons—shall be quarantined to their place of residence for a period of 14 days, or other period of time as directed by the State Health Officer, or his designee, after receiving positive test results. Any person quarantined pursuant to this provision shall not leave their place of residence for any reason other than to seek necessary medical treatment. Any person requiring assistance while under quarantine may contact Alabama Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, While under quarantine, the person shall take precautions as directed by his or her health care provider or the Alabama Department of Public Health to prevent the spread of the disease to others.

3. Non-work related gatherings. Effective May 11, 2020, all non-work related gatherings of any size that cannot maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons from different households are prohibited. Organizers of religious gatherings are strongly encouraged to read and implement the Alabama Department of Public Health’s “Guidelines for Places of Worship,” available at