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State Health Officer Issues Stay at Home Order

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris has issued a health order effective until April 30 which requires every person in Alabama to stay at his or her place of residence except as necessary to perform essential activities. Anyone leaving home must maintain six feet of separation from other people. Essential activities are defined in the health order and are as follows: To obtain necessary supplies To obtain or provide necessary services To attend religious services To take care of others To work at essential businesses and operations To engage in outdoor activity To seek shelter To travel as required by law To see family members Essential businesses and operations, listed below, must take all reasonable steps to avoid gatherings of 10 persons or more and maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons.:

Essential government functions Health-care providers and caregivers Essential infrastructure Manufacturing facilities Agricultural operations and farms, Essential retailers Essential services Media operations Education operations Financial services Professional services Providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantages populations Construction and construction-related services Essential public services Military or defense operations Essential services or product providers Religious entities Federally designated critical infrastructure Other state-designated essential businesses and operations

Permissible reasons for people to leave their residences and places where they may go are described in more detail in the health order which may be viewed at

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