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We encourage the community to continue to stay vigilant in the fight against COVID-19, especially, this weekend as many will celebrate Labor Day. The county has recently began to see a decrease in the number of weekly cases, but it is important for the community to understand COVID-19 has not gone away and we need to continue to do our part to reduce community spread. Experts, within the Calhoun County Unified Command, have explained that COVID-19 is often spread in social settings, so we must be mindful of this as we celebrate Labor Day this weekend.

In order to continue reducing the spread of COVID-19, the community must continue to practice the recommended preventative measures. An easy way to remember these practices is: “The Three W’s”

1. Wear your mask

2. Watch your distance

3. Wash your hands

Wear your mask – While it is not comfortable to wear a mask outside during summer, masks are especially important when physical distancing is hard. To help combat that heat, wear a mask that is 100% cotton and a lighter color. Also, bring an extra mask to switch out in case one becomes damp.

Watch your distance – If you are feeling sick stay home. Remember to always remain 6ft away from other to reduce any transmission of COVID-19. Avoid crowded swim areas, beaches, and playgrounds where you cannot stay 6ft away from others.

Wash your hands – Always practice good hand hygiene. If you are going to a local pool or traveling to the beach remember to pack hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and/or disinfectant wipes.

The Center for Disease control has put out detailed guidance on traveling and visiting pools and beaches.

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