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Update - Severe Weather March 30-31, 2022

Wednesday - March 30, 2022

Calhoun County remains in the enhanced risk area for severe storms expected between 8:00 pm tonight through 2:00 am Thursday. Ahead of the storms, Calhoun County has been placed under a Wind Advisory, as non-thunderstorm winds of 15-25mph with gusts up to 50mph are expected throughout the day today.

Tonight's potential threats include damaging straight-line winds up to 80mph, tornadoes, hail, and localized flooding. Potential rainfall amounts could total between 1-1.5 inches. Ensure that your family, friends, and neighbors have multiple ways to receive alerts and adequate shelter from today's winds and tonight's storms.

See the latest NWS graphics below, followed by tips for sheltering from high winds and tornadoes:

The threat of high winds should not be taken lightly, as straight-line winds can produce just as much damage as tornadoes. It is incredibly important to secure any outdoor belongings such as trampolines, trash cans, and outdoor furniture, as those items could be dangerous if caught up in high winds.

Take Shelter

  • Immediately go inside a sturdy building during a high wind warning or severe thunderstorm warning and move to an interior room or basement.

  • If you are in a mobile home, move to a sturdy building before the winds pick up or the storm system reaches your location.

  • Listen to the local news or NOAA Weather Radio for updates.

If Caught Outside or Driving:

  • Take shelter in your car if you are not near a sturdy building. If possible, drive to a nearby sturdy building. Otherwise, move your car to a location where it is less likely to be hit by falling trees or power lines.

  • If no shelter is available avoid trees, power lines, and the side of the road. Keep in mind that power lines that are laying on the ground may be live. Do not go near them! Try to find a place that will block blowing or falling debris.

  • If you are driving and aren't near a sturdy building, hold the steering wheel with both hands and slow down.

  • Keep a distance from high profile vehicles such as trucks, buses and vehicles towing trailers. One strong gust of wind can be enough to flip one of these trailers onto its side.

As high winds are not the only threat Calhoun County could experience during tonight's storms, we should also be prepared for the possibility of tornadoes and localized flooding.

Calhoun County storm shelters will open in the event that a tornado watch and/or warning is issued. Save this graphic and find the one closest to you:

Check out these graphics for tips on sheltering in place and what to do if you encounter a tornado while driving:

Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other thunderstorm related hazard. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over half of all flood-related drownings occur when a vehicle is driven into hazardous flood water. If you are driving and encounter flooding, remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown! Never drive around the barriers blocking a flooded road. The road may have collapsed under that water. A mere 6 inches of fast-moving flood water can knock over an adult. It takes just 12 inches of rushing water to carry away most cars and just 2 feet of rushing water can carry away SUVs and trucks. It is NEVER safe to drive or walk into flood waters.

Be sure to stay weather aware today and follow Calhoun County EMA for up-to-date information! Sign up for Calhoun County EMA's Everbridge alert system to customize how you receive Calhoun County emergency alerts here:

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