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Calhoun County - Rise in COVID-19 Numbers


As of today, 10/27/2020, there are 37 people in the COVID-19 units at Regional Medical Center. 11 people were admitted just over the weekend. There has been a steady increase in the number of hospitalizations since October 1st with 18 COVID-19 positive patients to now 37 causing the hospital to reopen their COVID 2 unit to house the influx of patients.


This is also accompanied by an increase in number of new cases per week. Our "weekly" data is from Monday to Sunday. Calhoun County has been experiencing an increase for the past 3 weeks. For the month of October, Calhoun County has been averaging 32 new cases per day which can be compared to July (38) and August (33) when our previous peak in Calhoun County occurred.

*NOTE* Last week, the Alabama Department of Public Health processed a large number of COVID-19 cases from between April and September (majority rapid antigen tests). They were added to Friday, October 23rd on the dashboard, which increased our 14 day totals on the dashboard. However, because these positive tests did not actually occur in the last 14 days, they are not included in the Calhoun County EMA data shown above. Actual new cases for October 23rd were gathered via our ADPH Regional Coordinator.


The positivity rate is the number of persons tested positive compared to the total number of persons positive. The positivity rate has increased from 9.2% at the end of September to 11% as of 10/17/2020. Each Friday this rate is updated here: ADPH Risk Indicator

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