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Calhoun County COVID-19 Weekly Update, 12/11/2020

Calhoun County continues to see an increase in the number of new cases per week as well as hospitalizations. The county's positivity rate has increase by approximately 4% since last week and is now at 19.6%. These trends are not headed in the right direction and we URGE the community to implement all precautions necessary to reduce the level of community spread. Please socially distance from others, don't go out if not necessary, wear you mask around those outside of your household, and sanitize frequently. Click here for a link to our previous press conference on Wednesday:

Total Cases: 7,658 (+ 719 from last week)

Total Deaths: 129 (+3 from last week)

Risk Level: High

Positivity Rate:19.6% ( +3.7% from last week)

Average daily number of hospitalizations for the last 7 days: 52 (+11 from last week)

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