Calhoun County COVID-19 Information - 1/15/2021

This update is to provide an overview on COVID-19 in Calhoun County as well as the vaccination efforts.

COVID-19 in the COUNTY

There had been a slight decrease in the number of new cases per week during the holidays with a slight increase again in the last week. The slight decease in between Christmas and New Year's could be an actual decrease in cases, or a lag in data entry due to the holidays. It is important to continue wearing a facial covering and distancing from other to help reduce community spread. According to ADPH, Calhoun County is still at a 17.5% positivity rate.

The hospitalizations at RMC peaked right at New Years in the 80s and has averaged around the mid-60s for the last week. This is a fluid number and is constantly fluctuating due to admissions, discharges, and deaths. These patients are COVID-19 positive and are in the COVID Wards in need of hospital-grade medical care. These patients in the COVID-19 wards are in addition to non-COVID positive patients also admitted to the hospital.

For numbers throughout the week of COVID-19 positive cases and de