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Calhoun County COVID-19 Information - 1/15/2021

This update is to provide an overview on COVID-19 in Calhoun County as well as the vaccination efforts.

COVID-19 in the COUNTY

There had been a slight decrease in the number of new cases per week during the holidays with a slight increase again in the last week. The slight decease in between Christmas and New Year's could be an actual decrease in cases, or a lag in data entry due to the holidays. It is important to continue wearing a facial covering and distancing from other to help reduce community spread. According to ADPH, Calhoun County is still at a 17.5% positivity rate.

The hospitalizations at RMC peaked right at New Years in the 80s and has averaged around the mid-60s for the last week. This is a fluid number and is constantly fluctuating due to admissions, discharges, and deaths. These patients are COVID-19 positive and are in the COVID Wards in need of hospital-grade medical care. These patients in the COVID-19 wards are in addition to non-COVID positive patients also admitted to the hospital.

For numbers throughout the week of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths in the county, you can visit

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are distributed to health care facilities in the county by the state. The Calhoun County EMA does not receive vaccines nor distribute them. We serve the community by partnering with the Health Department to facilitate and coordinate the vaccine sites as requested. We will continue to put out general information regarding vaccine distribution. If you have specific questions concerning the vaccines, you will need to contact the Department of Public Health.

Last week (Jan 5-7), the vaccine site was held at the Anniston City Meeting Center and the Health Department and RMC both distributed their allotment of vaccines. Those who received their first dose of vaccines will need to return to the Anniston City Meeting center the first week of February (2-4) for their second dose. You need to return on the same day of the week.


Tues, Jan 5th ---> Tues, Feb 2nd Wed, Jan 6th ---> Wed, Feb 3rd Thurs, Jan 7th ---> Thurs, Feb 4th

FROM 7 AM - 2 PM. No appointment needed.

The Calhoun County Health department will be taking appointments for those who have not already recieved ONCE THEY HAVE VACCINE AVAILABLE. Their appointments for January 18th have already been filled. Please be patient and courteous and check back in for future updates. The supply of vaccines does not meet the demand and it will take time for it to be readily available to everyone.

As the EMA, one of our goals to disseminate timely and credible information to the public. You can find up-to-date information on the Health Department's plan and updates for vaccines in Calhoun County by visiting

You can also subscribe to our updates by clicking the Login/Sign Up button above. It will notify you when updates like these are added.

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