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COVID-19 Update - March 19th

COVID-19 in Calhoun County

Throughout the month of March, the county has continued to see a decreased number of new cases per week, hospitalizations, and positivity rate. This is a great sign, but does not allow us to let down our guard as a community. We need to continue practicing the recommendations of the CDC to help keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum.

  • Wear Your mask.

  • Keep your distance.

  • Together we can make a difference.


Total number of cases: 14,152

Number of new cases in 14 days: 276

Average new cases per day for March (to date): 24

Total number of deaths: 303

Average number of hospitalizations per day for March (to date): 12

Percent Positivity: 7.9%


Thank you for your continued patience during this vaccine roll out. As the EMA, we continue to work alongside our community partners to assist them in any ways necessary to get the vaccines out. The supply continues to be slow and encourage everyone to sign up for our text alerts so you can be notified if there are any large vaccine sites scheduled.


You can also visit our vaccine information hub:

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